About us

About us

Our mission is to deliver sanity with plentiful of insane Indian-east food. Its like a canvas, painted with Indian and east ancient recipes. We claim to serve delicious food every time. You can’t get rid from the luscious flavors illustrated in every layer.

Undoubtedly, whenever you hear about Indian cuisine, your dreamy nature starts salivating the dishes. Our respected chefs and employees ensure picking up the finest ingredient and exclusive blends of spices. And? Our cooking to serving techniques are professional still artistic!

We ensure pursuing range free chickens and eggs. Also, our veggies and herbs are farm fresh, with no added preservatives or artificial color. We strongly believe that, you will sense the specialty and differences from the very first bite, as quality is our first priority. Also, you don’t need to worry about the hygiene, we reassure every single surroundings.

In every bite, you will be embracing old food nostalgia with new versatile improvisation. We are hoping to see your charming face soon.

Wish you a happy tummy!

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We have huge menu items....

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We have both delivery & takeway system

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